Our products are handmade and they need extra love when wearing them. Treat them as they deserve and they will love you forever. 

We use surgical stainless steel earring posts for our earrings unless otherwise stated - on rare occasions we may use nickel free findings for things like connectors, jump rings and clip-on earrings.

Our products are made from Polymer Clay. It´s a strong material although, it´s not unbreakable so please, do not bend our pieces even if you are amused of how flexible they are. 

Please remove your Bamba Bamba pieces when applying lotion, perfume, hairspray or other beauty products, showering, swimming or handling chemicals.

If you wish to clean them please use a damp cloth to wipe in-between wears. For heavier stains grab a cotton pad with a drop of rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover and wipe it gently. Do not drench product in rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover as this may lead to discoloring. Do not use this method on multi-colored pieces, hand painted pieces or metal connectors. Alcohol can affect the metals and damage the painting work.


We highly recommend storing your jewelry pieces individually in boxes or earring holders to avoid contact with other materials. Storing them away from direct sunlight.


For any other inquiries regarding care FAQS please contact us