Social responsibility 2019
A collaboration with Julia Aramendi frovoluntariadoyestrategia.com 
I have been 33 years helping myself to grow as an person and creative. I wasn't in the ability to help others through my ideas, concepts, products or profits because I didn't know how and I didn't know where to start. Money was and sometimes is very tight being an immigrant and survival mode is always on.

Recently talking to my My Childhood friend/sister from another miss & mister, Julia Aramendi, I started to think in ways to help her with her last project. Julia works at Voluntariado y Estrategia. A business that helps companies create and develop strategic volunteering projects with a strong impact on businesses and society. She started explaining the last project she was working on and I knew, from the first sentence, this was something I wanted to be involved in.

TECHO works since 2008 in the Dominican Republic and has built 1029 emergency homes with families living in popular settlements and mobilizing more than 26,000 volunteers in their activities.

Today they work in 10 popular settlements in that country, where they develop many community infrastructure programs and projects.

I joined Julia and a group of volunteers with a clear challenge: we want to finance a home for a vulnerable family in the Dominican Republic and some of us will support the construction with our hands with the beneficiary family during  Easter 2019.
Our way of Helping
We started by donating $3 from each earring sold from the 11th of December till the 31st of December. Our biggest sale period. We raised $200 for TECHO!!!! WOHOOO!! What a great way to start helping. Thanks to every customer who purchased a pair of Earrings, you made this possible!

This actually made us think how else we could help and make a difference so we started Bamba Bamba social responsibility movement, Mi casa es tu casa (My home is your home)
* Pre-Sale of these bags available at the end of January.

We will be donating all profits from every item listed in our Mi Casa Es Tu Casa tab on our website. We will be collaborating with other designers, creating products to spark joy and helping families having a safe home. 
If you wanna help Techo 

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