Bamba Loca is a Workshop sample sale in which I combine all the prototypes I have lying around the studio from my creative freedom days. That's my favorite day of the week. One day a week, I disconnect everything and I allow myself to try new everything. I try new paints, test new pieces, shapes, clay thickness, assembling & new dance moves.

These pieces are part of my daily work. Imperfectly perfect prototypes. Pieces of creative progress and business evolution. Without these styles, Bamba Bamba prints & Collections won't be here and I will be contributing to human waste and that's not the business I want to build. 



Please understand, this is a workshop sample sale. Every piece has some imperfections, they are prototypes. We won't be accepting any returns or exchanges for these items. We will be happy to assist if the item needs fixing. Bamba Bamba will not be held responsible for the postage charges.